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How do I arrange for a meeting with a Public Sector Body?
Meetings can be booked on the pages of individual development sites, or on the profile page of the authority you want to meet. On the booking pages you will be asked to choose a time slot and the topic you wish to discuss.

What is included in the booking fee?
Access to the next event on 5 March including five meetings. On top of that you will be provided with a password to access restricted content on the Sitematch London website.

How long do meetings last?
At the event, meetings will last for 15 minutes.

Can I discuss sites and/or opportunities that are not on the website?
Definitely. You are more than welcome to discuss any topic relating to development or regeneration at a Sitematch Event.

I already have strong relationships with the council, so why do I need to go to Sitematch?
Sitematch will give you an opportunity to meet with a number of councils and landowners in a single day. It is a chance for you to meet with senior officers at an authority that you may not have a strong relationship with.

What if the council/landowner I want to meet with is already fully booked?
If an authority is fully booked, it will sadly not be possible to meet them during a particular slot. But you are more than welcome to have a chat with them during the lunch session, the drinks reception or one of the numerous breaks during the day.

Aren’t all these sites in the public realm already?
For the most part yes, but Sitematch provides the opportunity to discuss development of these sites in a informal setting.

Why meet public sector bodies when any procurement would have to go through OJEU anyway?
It is true that authorities will have to go through OJEU, but having a Sitematch meeting (and potential follow-up discussions afterwards) might give you a leg up over the competition. 

What is a Sitematch advisor?
The advisor acts as the council's sponsor for Sitematch London - a relationship that does not supercede any other obligations the council may have to third parties over a particular site.