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How it Works

The event

Sitematch London events work in a "speed dating" format, featuring a desk for each participating local authority and public sector landowner, staffed by a senior member of the regeneration, development or planning team alongside an advisor appointed by Sitematch London.

Developers pre-book 15-minute meetings with councils or public sector landowners to discuss the sites in which they are most interested. Each developer can book up to five meetings at the event. Each council and public sector body has 17 meeting slots during the day, which will be allocated to developers on a first come, first served basis. Meetings are booked either through each site's description page or through the booking page for each council or public sector landowner.

The first Sitematch London event took place in March 2012, with a second event held in November. The next Sitematch London event will be held in March 2013.


The website

The details of each borough's top development opportunities are listed on this website, and are available to subscribers.

You can browse site details by site name, size or use, by local authority, or by advisor. For each site we aim to gather a site photo, Google Map reference, size, planning status, ownership details for the site, any buildings on it, and links to relevant policy and other documents available. The website currently lists more than 100 development sites.

Sample data from the website: